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Paving can create movement and visual continuity and enhance your outdoor living space. When done right, paving can also eliminate hazards from mud or flood and replenish the groundwater supply.

To ensure your landscape stays as it is and isn’t affected by rough weather conditions, get the area around your property paved. Here’s why:

An unpaved surface is highly vulnerable to elements. It may develop mud and bumps after rain, which further creates upsetting, uneven surfaces that could cause traffic and pose safety concerns.
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Contrariwise, a paved surface doesn’t get bumpy even after heavy rain. Paving protects surfaces from damages, thus saving you from costly repairs and replacement. Also, paved surfaces offer longevity; they can last up to 30 years, depending on how strong the soil type underneath is.

For these reasons, selecting the right paving material and hiring professionals to get the job done are the utmost priorities.

AlphaTurf Inc. is one of the most trusted paving companies in San Diego. We have helped several homeowners and business owners across the city in their paving projects, including walkways, pool decks, backyard, and more. We offer two types of paving services, namely:

Pebble Paving

Pebbles are round, semi-polished pieces of rock that come in irregular shapes and varied colors. This rock material is considered larger than granules and has an approximate size of 2.5 inches.

Since pebbles have different colors due to their mineral content, they make an ideal stone flooring choice for various applications. Pebble stones of every kind, small pebbles or larger rocks, white pebbles, or black pebbles, can add earthy elegance to outdoor spaces.

Not only do pebbles can create beautiful accents to home and commercial exteriors, but they also create a non-slip surface, making them perfect in spaces with excessive water and moisture risk. Pebble pavements are also extremely durable and easy to install.

If you’re planning a natural theme for your front yard or backyard hardscaping, AlphaTurf Inc. got you covered. We have a variety of decorative pebbles that will add character and charm to your landscape design.

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt makes up the majority of pavement in America. The reason being is that it’s durable and longer-lasting than many other paving materials.

Aside from the durability, asphalt also offers many advantages for consumers and the environment, including:

● 100% recyclable. Asphalt is the most recycled construction material in the world; it can be recycled without downgrading its quality.

● Reduce noise. Some asphalt mixtures have noise-reducing properties, thanks to their porous design. They also have a higher ratio of air voids, which helps absorb noise. Because of this, asphalt is the material of choice when aiming for a quiet pavement.

● Safe. Asphalt offers high skid resistance, thus contributing to the overall safety in several ways. Its dark color, in particular, helps melt ice and reduce glare during snowy conditions.

● Cost-effective. Asphalt pavements are cost-effective and easy to build. They can serve their purposes for years, needing only periodic upkeep to ensure it remains in good shape.

Do you prefer asphalt paving more than any other pavement options? If so, AlphaTurf Inc. is the company to call! We provide a broad spectrum of paving services to both residential and commercial customers.

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Are you ready to upgrade your property and get started on your landscape? Alphaturf Inc. is the company to call! We provide custom services to hardscape and softscape your precious living space.
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