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DedicatED to High Quality Artificial Turf & Landscape Design

Full-service Landscape Design Company in San Diego

We've got your backyard design covered end-to-end—from landscape architecture to artificial grass and retaining wall installation, paving, concreting and masonry, and even pool-building.
Landscapes brighten up residential homes and commercial complexes. A perfect mixture of lush green-rich grass, decorative stones, shrubs, and perennials can transform the look and give any property a more inviting appearance.

While landscapes are synonymous with beautification, having a good landscape design offers more than just that. Landscaping preserves and protects natural resources, purifies the outdoor and indoor air quality, and promotes greeneries in the concrete cities.

Not only that, but a visually appealing landscape also drives a positive impact on mental health. It creates a place of relaxation, where people can de-stress and take a breather.
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    Meet Alpha Turf

    Alphaturf Inc. recognizes the wide-ranging benefits of landscaping. We aim at helping people to reconnect with nature and find peace in a green space.

    As a full-service landscape design company in San Diego, we specialize in soft and hard landscaping projects. If you don’t know how the two differ, we’ll explain it briefly.



    refers to the job involving the non-living elements or heavy materials needed in landscaping, such as bricks, stones, asphalt, and more.



    includes any duties involved with lawn care, planting shrubs, trimming, and other tasks used to fill the landscape design.
    We dedicate ourselves to providing exceptional landscape services throughout the city. Be it a simple garden makeover, a pool-building project, or patio landscaping, our team of professional landscapers will get the job done beautifully.
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    Paving Your Way to Beautiful Landscapes

    Alpha Turf Inc. has been helping homeowners and business owners alike to turn dull areas into a masterpiece. We work closely with our clients and put their needs at the center of everything we do to bring their envisioned landscape design to life.

    If you choose to hire us, we can promise you four things—add a creative touch to your space, showcase your taste, enhance the curb appeal of your property and increase its value.
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    Our Services

    At Alphaturf Inc., we offer a comprehensive line of landscaping services in San Diego. We got your backyard design covered end-to-end—from landscape architecture to artificial grass and retaining wall installation, paving, concreting and masonry, even pool-building!
    Synthetic Turf & Artificial Grass
    Retaining Walls
    Pool Building & Installation
    Concreting & Masonry
    Whether it’s a home or a commercial space that you wish to give a facelift, landscaping always makes a good idea. Landscapes with a balanced mixture of natural and artificial design elements can set the mood of the place you want to transform.

    Our landscape design architects create not just beautiful landscapes but thoughtful and sustainable creations across the city. The Alphaturf Inc. team will be with you from concept to delivery, ensuring you the best landscaping service.
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    Are you thinking about replacing your live lawn with synthetic turf? That sounds like a great idea! Artificial grass requires no watering, mowing, and feeding—only little maintenance. You can’t also ignore the aesthetic value of fake turfs. This grass type is available in an assortment of blade lengths, colors, and textures, making them look like the real thing.

    So if you’re looking for artificial grass for your home or property in San Diego, feel free to reach out. We’ll get the right and the most realistic turf for your particular needs and lifestyle.
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    an image of a concrete wall and a fence
    A retaining wall plays several roles in gardens and landscaping projects. They manage water run-off, prevent erosion, create terraces of usable land, and provide a place to sit and chat, among other benefits.

    Retaining walls can’t be a do-it-yourself project. These walls should be built and designed with function in mind, so it’s best to seek help from qualified retaining wall contractors in San Diego.
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    top view of a large mansion with a basketball court and a swimming pool
    Do swimming pools add value to properties? The answer is YES. Adding such a structure makes financial sense, especially in higher-end neighborhoods or thriving suburbs. In fact, not having one might make a property much harder to sell than those that have.

    At Alphaturf Inc., we have professional pool builders who can get your pool installation project in San Diego right. We’ll examine and put your space into consideration to give the best custom pool design possible and save you from costly pool installation pitfalls.
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    Paving not only enhances your outdoor living space but also prevents stormwater run-off and replenish the groundwater supply. For these reasons, it’s not something that you can skip in a landscaping project.

    Here’s the thing, the paving is often the most expensive item in a landscaping plan—and is also one of the most permanent. That’s why you must select the right material for your yard or garden, and the Alphaturf Inc. team can help you with that.
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    Concreting, masonry, and landscaping are intertwined. Masonry techniques, such as combining natural stone with brick and layering stone or brick directly atop each other, can create a stunning and dramatic effect on outdoor spaces.

    To help you achieve the landscape that you desire, make sure to hire the services of concrete contractors in San Diego like Alphaturf Inc. We guarantee you the highest level of craftsmanship, safety, and quality.
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    Why Choose Us


    Lousy landscaping is not in our vocabulary. We take every landscaping project, big or small, seriously.


    Artificial grass? Synthetic turf? Whatever you call it, we’ll have it installed in your property, meticulously and exquisitely.


    Nailing the entire landscaping process, from the design phase to execution.


    Dedicated team of landscape architects who mastered their crafts for years.


    Superior synthetic grass quality and top-notch landscaping design. You can choose one or have both.


    Craftsmanship like no other.


    Addressing the aesthetic needs of your space with high levels of professionalism.


    Promising landscape designs—yes, we can guarantee you that 100%!


    Extensive selection of landscaping services.

    Ready to Get Started on Your Landscape?

    Are you ready to upgrade your property and get started on your landscape? Alphaturf Inc. is the company to call! We provide custom services to hardscape and softscape your precious living space.
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