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Professional landscape services that reflect your style

Alphaturf Inc. offers a vast array of landscaping services in San Diego. Working closely with contractors and architects, we have designed, constructed, and installed a wide range of schemes that have helped boost the aesthetics and enhance the overall function and enjoyment of outdoor areas.
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Landscape Architecture & Design

A well-designed landscape creates a sense of pride in both homes and commercial complexes. That’s why having the perfect mix of natural (i.e. landforms, plants, water, etc.) and artificial (i.e. rocks, sculptures, pavements, lighting, etc.) design elements is necessary.

Our landscape design architects will pay attention to all the details that make your landscape aesthetically pleasing. From backyard design to 3D renderings, driveways and asphalting, natural and faux accents, and more, we got you covered.
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an image of a synthetic turf inside a fence

Synthetic Turf  & Artificial Grass

At Alphaturf Inc., we also do landscaping with faux plants, like artificial turf. We offer synthetic turf installation in San Diego and do garden maintenance and repairs on such grass surface.

Synthetic turf works as a great replacement to live lawn because they require no watering, no mowing, no feeding, and less maintenance. If you’re looking for artificial turf in San Diego to use in sports fields, dog runs, and tennis courts, feel free to reach out, and we’ll accommodate your needs ASAP.

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an image of a concrete wall and a fence

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls make landscapes more aesthetically appealing. These walls also prevent erosion, manage water run-off, create terraces of usable land, and provide a place to sit and chat, among other benefits.

If you need help in elevating your plant areas, adding lateral soil support, or turning a dreary corner into an inviting space, you’ve come to the right place. We have a team of retaining wall experts in San Diego that can get the job done as well as possible.
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top view of a large mansion with a basketball court and a swimming pool

Pool Building & Installation

Swimming pools increase the value of properties, especially in higher-end neighborhoods or thriving suburbs. In fact, an HGTV study reported that the average in-ground pool increases a property value by 5 to 8 percent.

Since pools offer more than just entertainment value, adding one to your living or commercial space makes a brilliant idea. Here’s the good news, our professional pool builders will help you dive into your dream and get your pool installation project in San Diego right.
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When done right, the paving can enhance your outdoor living space and create movement and visual continuity. Not only that, but it can also eliminate hazards from mud or flood and replenish the groundwater supply.

To ensure your landscape design stays as it is and isn’t affected by rough weather conditions, get the area around your property paved. It’s also necessary to select the right paving material, and the AlphaTurf Inc. team can help you with that.

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a concrete road with a turf on the middle

Concreting & Masonry

Natural stones and bricks create a stunning and dramatic effect on outdoor spaces. This explains why concreting, masonry, and landscaping should go hand in hand.

At Alphaturf Inc., we understand the significant roles concreting and masonry play in any landscaping projects. Our concrete contractors in San Diego can guarantee you the highest level of craftsmanship in different concrete services, including driveways, patios, stamped concrete, concrete polishing, and even concrete removal.
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Ready to Get Started on Your Landscape?

Are you ready to upgrade your property and get started on your landscape? Alphaturf Inc. is the company to call! We provide custom services to hardscape and softscape your precious living space.
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