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Pool Building & Installation

Swimming pools increase the value of properties, especially in higher-end neighborhoods or thriving suburbs. In fact, an HGTV study reported that the average in-ground pool increases a property value by 5 to 8 percent.

Since pools now go beyond providing entertainment value, adding one to your home or commercial space makes a brilliant idea. Here’s the good news, AlphaTurf Inc. designs, builds, and installs swimming pools across San Diego.

Our professional pool builders will guide and assist you throughout your pool project, from start to finish. Whether it’s a private pool, public pool, or infinity pool, you can rest assured that you get a functional and beautiful pool that resonates with your style.
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In terms of pool design, we provide expert advice that will help you maximize your space and achieve comfort, safety, and convenience, all at once. We keep various pool design considerations in mind, including:

Purpose. Before we start with pool construction, our pool builders first ask how our clients want to use their pool. This step will help us suggest the appropriate pool design, shape, and even size that suit your property.

Pool features. We’ll look into the possibilities of adding spas, water features, plants, and garden structures to enhance the beauty and recreational potential of your pool area.

Property and Bylaw restrictions. AlphaTurf Inc. does property surveying to ensure local bylaws, setbacks, and codes are met. We assess property lines, grading, and drainage to allow a flawless pool installation.

Budget. Budget is a crucial factor to consider in pool construction. We’ll help narrow down decisions during the design, construction, and installation and give you a pool that comes within your budget.

Materials. We pay careful attention to material selections. Our pool builders in San Diego will make sure to use the right materials for your pool’s surface finishes, including pool paving surround, interior tiles, fencing, wall cladding, and more.

Landscaping. Existing landscape features, like trees and bushes, can affect your pool’s shape, size, and location. AlphaTurf Inc. will suggest alandscape design that blends with your existing landscape features.

Privacy. Residential, in-door swimming pools require more privacy than commercial pools. If your property size allows, we’ll find a strategic position for your pool, create landscaping, walls, and fences to free you and your haven from outside onlookers.

Professional pool designers and builders will obtain high-quality materials for your installation and will stay with you in the entire process. Seek help from the experts at AlphaTurf Inc. to cut yourself some slack, eliminate costly repairs, and most importantly, install a custom pool design.

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Are you ready to upgrade your property and get started on your landscape? Alphaturf Inc. is the company to call! We provide custom services to hardscape and softscape your precious living space.
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