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Retaining Walls

A retaining wall plays several roles in gardens and landscaping projects. They manage water run-off, prevent erosion, create terraces of usable land, and provide a place to sit and chat, among other benefits.

If you need help in elevating your plant areas, adding lateral soil support, or turning a dreary corner into an inviting space, AlphaTurf Inc. got your back. We have a team of retaining wall experts in San Diego that can get the job done as well as possible.
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Block / Concrete Hand Carved Stone Makers

Concrete block is one of the widely used materials in retaining walls. This material type is easy to install, durable, reasonably priced, and can be carved to look like a mortared stone.

When built impressively, a concrete block retaining wall system can offer more than just an attractive landscape. A concrete retaining wall also offers many other benefits, including:

● Provide a property boundary marker
● Keep soil in place and slow down erosion
● Prevent sinkholes and limits the risk of flooding
● Eliminate the eyesore of dirt piles and hills
● Reduce the need for maintenance due to mud, collapsed soil, and more
● Prevent damage to the landscape and neighboring structures or properties

DIY retaining walls don’t guarantee the above benefits and great results. It’s best to hire retaining wall contractors in San Diego like Alphaturf Inc. Leave the design, formwork, and pouring to us, and we’ll assure you that you’ll get your money’s worth.

Keystone Retaining Walls

Since retaining walls protect the landscape, soil, and surrounding edifices in property or land use, they should be built with structurally sound, compacted foundation sub-base material.

The incredible loads they carry, known as lateral earth pressure, requires great strength and stability. This means, following a DIY approach isn’t the best route to take. Only the retaining wall professionals know the right techniques and materials for various types of applications.

As one of the reputable retaining wall contractors in San Diego, AlphaTurf Inc. employs qualified architects and individuals who share the same vision: create sleek and strong retaining walls.

We’re also meticulous when it comes to choosing structural materials—and this is why we use Keystone products in all of our structural and landscape retaining wall projects.

Since its inception, Keystone has provided the best site solutions for commercial, municipal, industrial, transportation, and residential applications, making it the go-to stone provider of most engineers, architects, and contractors worldwide.

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Are you ready to upgrade your property and get started on your landscape? Alphaturf Inc. is the company to call! We provide custom services to hardscape and softscape your precious living space.
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